June 2022 PlayStation State of Play Reveals Part 1


June 2, 2022, we see a new string of details coming out for the future of the PlayStation console on the game side of things. There are some old games with new details and new games with new details all coming out in one place. We will quickly run through what we saw.

In no particular order, we see that Tunic is getting a PS5 and PS4 release. This will happen on September 27th of this year. Tunic is a game where your main character is a fox who adventures around the world. It is a Zelda-type game that seems to be pretty well received.

Street Fighter has returned with its next installment, Street Fighter 6. The standard fighter, much like Mortal Kombat, shows an older Chun Li and Ryu and other characters fighting each other. It looks like the art has been updated as well. It comes out sometime in 2023.

Rollerdrome is the next game on our list. It is roller derby meets shooter and you roll around the course shooting everything in your path. It honestly looks pretty good. It comes out August 16.

One of the titles I am most looking forward to, The Callisto Protocol. It looks like Dead Space but better. The graphics look amazing and it seems to have a pretty good story paired with good gunplay mechanics. This will be a good birthday present in December.

The next title could get a bit hairy. It is called Stray. You play as a cat and are walking around the open-world going from one place to the next. Here is the gameplay trailer for it and it launches on July 19.


Stay tuned for part 2.

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