June 2022 PlayStation State of Play Reveals Part 2


The next title we will show you is Resident Evil 4. This is one of my favorite RE games and it has been remastered. It won’t grace our screens until March 2023 but it will be worth the wait.

Staying on the same topic we see a Resident Evil Village VR release in our future for the PSVR2. There is no release for this yet but it is one of the best Resident Evil games made. There have been tons of memes and cosplays made of this title alone.

Another few VR2 titles will follow and the first of these is The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners Chapter 2. The zombie apocalypse has never looked better in full first person VR. There have been a few games made for the Walking Dead but this is the only one that feels like it should.

The next VR2 title is a big one, No Man’s Sky. We all know the initial story, the semi-failure of the title. Its rebirth was the stuff of legends and it has since been made bigger and better than ever before and it has all been given to us with free updates. Now we get the VR treatment.

The last VR2 title we saw in this state of play was Horizon Forbidden West. It looks just as good as the normal game with all of the VR amenities ready to go. I can’t wait to give any of these titles a go in VR.

The last two titles are AAA titles. Spiderman Remastered was a big hit for PlayStation and now it will be a big hit on PC. August 12 will be a good day for folks who have been waiting to play this game and start webslinging as Spiderman.

The last title is Final Fantasy XVI. The show gave us a new trailer with a lot of Summons and how they will be used in the game. It is good to see some mainline summons returning like Ramuh and to see some previously second level summons like Garuda coming back to the mainline. Unfortunately we will still have to wait until summer of 2023 to play it.

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