King Of Seas Sets Sail On 18 February

king Of Seas, a swashbuckling new adventure from 3DClouds, is hitting the open Ocean when it releases on 18 February.

Developed by a scurvy mix of old dogs and green land lovers, King of Seas is more than just a chance for me to get all my pirate puns out on the page. This exciting looking new ARPG is ready to plunge players into a new adventure as they seek treasure on PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One next month, The ARPG is more than just a thematic twist on a traditional dungeon crawler theme.

While traditional ARPGs would find a well honed hero crawling through desolate dungeons and dark alleyways, this unique twist puts captains in control of your very own pirate ship. Out in the water, you’ll stock the cannons and explore a massive open environment. The procedurally generated world comes chocked full of potential victims as you guide your crew on a mission to explore as you cut through a thick fog of war, uncovering lost islands and a ton of loot to pillage. Do take care if you manage to make it out of the harbour however. Getting caught up in combat will increase the bounty on your head, meaning you’ll need to use an array of more than 20 available skills to quickly overpower anybody that decides they want to cash in on your adventures.

The release announcement also comes coupled with a brand new trailer, giving us all a good look at the carnage that awaits and the characters that you might stumble across in King of Seas. If you’re looking for a change of perspective  from the epic Sea of Thieves, or are sick of demonic dungeon grinds then grab this pleasure cruise then expect to dig out £24.99 / €24.99 / $24.99 / $39.99AUS fro your booty. Head over to the official King of Seas Steam store page for more before setting sale on 18 February.

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