Prepare For The Astral Challenge In New Aura Kingdom Update

aura kingdom astral challenge

Aura Kingdom, the anime styled MMORPG from Gamigo, just got an update and a brand new Astral Challenge.

Get ready to climb the next few floors of the Sky Tower as dark forces set foot in the land of Azuria, and players prepare for battle. Anybody looking to escape into Aura Kingdom can be sure of some new content and events. Available now, the latest update to Aura Kingdom comes as part of patch 71 and 72 for this long running MMORPG, and adds plenty of extra elements to this stylized online adventure.

The Sky Tower & Beyond

Anybody ascending the Sky Tower will be able to rush into floors 51 to 55 of this behemoth. Each floor of this tall boi holds it’s own challenge, with Gamigo encouraging players to “defeat the dragons and solve the mystery.” I’m assuming there will be dragons, probably. The new Sky Tower content requires players to reach S5 (105) before they can enter at a particular time and start looting corpses for rewards like an Astral Dragon statue, Aidan’s jewelery, Astral Dragon jewelery, and a range of anima crystals.

Alongside the new floors of fun, the new Astral Challenge update includes a new Eidolon Story Dungeon, where players will take on the role of Hebe and play your way through a series of oncoming challenges for Hebe themed costumes, pets, and other rewards. There are, of course, tons of other dungeons, including a solo Nightmare Dungeon. Anybody looking for something a little less raucous can take part in the Crystal Mine or Gia Chronicle events, as well as sprucing up your abode with the new housing updates.

There’s way too much new add ons to go through it all in one short update, so if you are into your anime MMOs then you could do worse than taking a break from Genshin Impact and checking out the details over at the official Aura Kingdom website now.

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