Krafton Brings Wild West Shootouts in Kill the Crows and There’s a Demo to Prove It

Krafton Brings Wild West Shootouts in Kill the Crows and There's a Demo to Prove It

Krafton and 5minlab have announced their next game called Kill the Crows, the perfect vehicle for fans of the Wild West. The game is being prepared for PC via Steam, though it is unknown whether it will come to other platforms after launch in August.

Players interested in trying out the game can do so, thanks to a new Steam demo that allows them to try out core aspects of the game. According to the developers, the demo is quite short but will give players a decent idea of how the game plays.

Kill the Crows features

  • The player engages in gunfights using a revolver and a special ability called “Showdown.”
  • Players, enemies, and a boss all fall to a single bullet. Use the weapons and environments given to you to take down as many foes as possible.
  • Prepare your Showdown with your shots, and refill your bullets with your Showdown. Maintaining the flow of battle is key.
  • A total of six types of cultist enemies, including a boss, are uniquely designed.
  • Avoid the precise shots of the Sharpshooters. Catch the back of Defenders by rolling. Every enemy has different attack patterns and strategies to counter.
  • Each character features unique, beautiful pixel art animations. Be careful not to get entranced by the Bomber’s spectacular animations and get caught in the explosion!
  • Complete tasks to unlock new gear.
  • Combine various revolvers, showdowns, and passives to create your build.
  • As time passes, more difficult enemies and bosses will appear. Equip new weapons to prepare for the long fights.
  • Why has this once beautiful town become ruins? Who are these figures resembling crows? Why did the gunslinger stake her life to begin this slaughter?
  • Progress through the game to gradually unravel the story of Gunslinger Isabella.

Check out the Kill the Crows Steam page for more details.

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