Datamined Valorant Map Is Found By Reddit

Valorant, the arena shooter from Riot, was always getting more content but it looks like Reddit just datamined Valorant’s next map, and it’s called Ascent.

The recently released title from the League of Legends studio has made some big wave son the gaming scene of late. Barely into beta and the game has attracted some considerable attention and found itself compared to Overwatch and Counterstrike of late. With plenty of interest in the title, it wasn’t entirely unexpected that somebody would go digging through the code and datamine a few nuggets of information about upcoming content. Now a contributor over on the Valorant subreddit has teased a bit of detail around the next map to join Valorant.

The results of the datamining activity purportedly include a range of textures and art that look decidedly like they come from the canal city of Venice. This would match with previous rumors that point to Venice, specifically artwork circulating from senior Riot artist Atley Ghailan.

rise of venice

While the Asset details are more weight to the suspicion that the next Valorant map is Venice, Reddit poster ‘UlfricTheThird’ managed to dig up the layout for the new map while datamining. While we might not be able to verify the authenticity of the new map layout, the details are all over on Reddit for you to take a look at now.

Valorant isn’t the only Riot game to splash onto the scene of late. After announcing a raft of upcoming titles last year, the studio also launched Legends of Runterra on PC. The card base battler takes place on an alternate world and incorporates much of Riots existing characters in a game that is surprisingly engaging in a way that makes Hearthstone seem simply old. For more information on the newest titles from Riot games or to sign up to the Valorant closed beta testing, keep an eye on Gamespace or head over to the Valornat website now.


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