Grab A friend As Spellbreak Launches Duo Queues Today

spellbreak launches duo queues

Spellbreak the elemental battle royale from developer Proletariat, has just unleashed a brand new game mode on players. Get ready to queue for Duos.

Last week Spellbreak launched solo queues, allowing players to jump into a mystical land and star slinging spells without any back up from teammates. This change to the default team-based brawler gave us all a different way to die under a hail of ice shards. Now, developer Proletariat has launched duo mode. Duo mode, as you might expect, doesn’t change up the intrinsic gameplay mechanics of Spellbreak, but it does provide players with an entirely different sort of challenge.

Bring A Buddy

For anybody who hasn’t picked up this free to play battle royale, Spell break transforms the traditional battle royale genre with a few cool twists to keep things fresh. Beyond the skin deep anime-style aesthetic, Spellbreak drops guns and take the entire experience to something of a more magical realm. Building your very own battlemage, players in Spellbreak can loot and equip a range of magical gauntlets, giving them a range of upgradeable magic in battle. Now, whether you’re more of a pyromancer or just like spewing poison across the valley you have a buddy to watch your back while you are dropping all the DOTs.

In addition to launching duo queues, Proletariat hosted a PAX developer session this weekend, giving players a glimpse at some big upcoming features. This online-only video is available for playback over at the official Spellbreak Youtube channel or watch it above. Alternatively, you can experience them as they go live by jumping into Spellbreak now and ranking up your mage before the next big change collides with this fun change to the run and gun formulae that is otherwise so predictable in the gaming space. Spellbreak is out now on PC, via the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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