Let The Persona Soundtracks Steal Your Heart On Spotify

persona soundtracks spotify

Fans of the Persona franchise will have some brand new sounds to see in the new year as the music from this iconic series presses play on Spotify tomorrow.

Available from midnight on 5 January 2021, according to AniPlaylist, the new addition to the massive streaming service looks like it will bring all the major musical backdrops to this hugely successful JRPG series. Starting with theP2 Sound collections, the upcoming playlist features the original soundtracks for everything up to the recent Persona 5 release, including a bunch of the bigger spin off titles from the Atlus Sound Tema and associated artists.

The full list, for anybody ready to dance all night, is below.

  • Persona 5 OST
  • P4 & Golden OST
  • P3 & FES OST
  • P2 Sound Collections


  • P4 Dancing All Night OST
  • P4 Arena Ultimax OST
  • Never More Reincarnation: Persona 4
  • P3 & P4 Vocal Sound Collection
  • PQ & PQ2 OST
  • MUSIC FES 2013
  • SUPER LIVE 2015

The news of this awesome loot comes thanks of AniPlayist, a website devoted to updating anime songs and albums as they become available on Spotify. While that does not mean I’m going to put down the Nier: Automata soundtrack right now, especially after this morning’s news, I’ll happily escape the winter mornings in the Phantom Zone when the Persona Soundtracks arrive on Spotify in a few days.

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