Let’s School Launches A Humongous New Semester Update For Free

Cute education management sim Let’s School will unlock a massive free New Semester Update tomorrow.

Pathea Games has announced that headmasters everywhere have a lot more on their plate. Just in time for a mid term break, the team behind My Time at Sandrock is set to update their cute high school sim. Let’s School will geta massive free update that will embrace new subjects, different characters, new community collaboration, exciting festivals to keep the student body entertained, and more.

The new additions coalesce to make the biggest single update for the title since it arrived on Steam back in 2023. We enjoyed the very personal touches of this cute campus management adventure, even if it felt unpolished at times. Plenty of improvements were added after class kicked off. Festivals, new faculties, and 100 new decorative items joined the general in game optimizations, but tomorrow we get even more:

• NEW FEATURE – After School Clubs

You can recruit students to join new school clubs – Basketball club and Popular Music. Unlock club facilities via research to help train students and participate in club competitions against other institutions. You can even compose your own music!

• NEW FEATURE – Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

Receive PTA points through collecting prohibited items from students. These points can then be used to purchase fun, creative items to help reward students for good behavior.

• NEW FEATURE – Community Investment

This new late game feature allows players to invest funds back into the local community surrounding their school by building new facilities and sponsoring special activities. Make the (in-game) world a better place and improve the lives of students both in and out of school.

• NEW FEATURE – School Closure Procurement

Players can now obtain resources from schools that have been closed. This includes staff (such as teachers), items, furniture, management modules and more. Don’t let any educational resource go to waste!

• NEW MAP – Snow Cotton Town

This new map is set in a snowy wilderness and features all new architectural styles for players to express themselves with. This new map has the biggest play space in Let’s School to date!

• NEW Characters from My Time At Sandrock Join the Fun

Characters from Sandrock are arriving in Let’s School! Logan will join academies as a student and Nia can join your faculty as an art teacher. Pathea has also added a Sandrock community in the map and students there will all be wearing Sandrock builder apparel.

• NEW FESTIVAL EVENTS – Christmas and New Year

During certain times of year, students will dress up in special costumes to celebrate Christmas and New Year. Players will be able to unlock seasonal directions by completing fun objectives in-game and place them liberally around their school.

If you missed Let’s School last year, then this is probably the perfect time to consider signing up to wrangle some unruly kids. The adorable mix of East and West ideas melds seamlessly into a school sim that certainly stands apart from the likes of Two Point Campus. It doesn’t just set out a timetable but offers the ability to experience the day-to-day lives of each individual and potentially shape their destiny for the better. It’s also got a 25% off price promotion until 14 February. To check out everything coming in this Let’s School new Semester update, head over to the official Steam Store page now.

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