Madden 20 Cover Player Revealed

It’s almost NFL draft time, and just in front of the first pick, the cover athlete for Madden 20 has been revealed. As a Seahawks fan, I believe it should have gone to the highest paid QB in Russell Wilson, but it turns out being last years MVP is enough to get you the cover – all hail Patrick Mahomes. Here’s to hoping the Madden curse finds its way to Kansas City this year.

With most NFL fans chomping at the bit to see who goes number one, today was perfect timing for EA to drop the bomb on the cover athlete for the perennial sports title, set to release on August 2nd. With his exciting play, awesome stats, and accolades gained last year by Mahomes, he is the perfect player to get fans of the game pumped up for the new Face of the Franchise: QB1 Career Campaign mode coming to the game this year.

While many felt Madden 19 was a little stale (read our review here), there is no doubt that Madden 20 will still be a huge success for EA. With the cover athlete revealed, there’s only one other question to ask – How long will the crowd boo commissioner Roger Goodell when he comes on stage to kick off the draft tonight?

Go Hawks!

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