Minion Masters Launch and Key Giveaway

Minion Masters is a strange beast. Part CCG, part MOBA, and Tower Defense. Now, After 9 years and with over 1.5 million early access players, the Minion Masters has launched.

Originally launching into early access back in 2010, Minion Masters almost didn’t happen. Some creative thinking, a Kickstarter campaign, and some serious love from their community kept indie developer Betadwarf afloat. Despite some terrible odds, Minion Masters made it here and BetaDawrf is busy celebrating their story and dishing out 99,999 keys for the newly launched game. Check out their story and grab a code here. If you have trouble with the giveaway site then you can go directly to the store pages in the links at the end of this post.

Minions Masters

Minion Masters is a game that puts players in charge of a gaggle of exotic minions and crashes through a variety of arena encounters. With a diverse roster of master characters and minions, every arena battle is a different challenge.

It isn’t just the game modes that come in different forms. Barbarian savages, cute slimes, fierce demons, and arcane monsters are just a few of the characters that players can collect and upgrade as they take to battle. However, this is not your normal pet collection. Drop these monsters into action and they have a mind of their own so you’ll need to use brain and brawn to overcome enemy masters.

Minion Masters free Accursed Army Pack is also free on Steam and Microsoft’s Game Store. If you jump in now you’ll not only catch launch but the latest Bones & Bravery update. With new mechanics, 8 new cards, and Morellia the Lich Queen, there is plenty to catch up on. For more details on Minion Masters, check out the Betadwarf website for more information.

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