The Wizarding World Comes to Mobile Devices With New Harry Potter AR Game


The time has come to enter a world of magic in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, a WB Games and Niantic, Inc. game which will be the next title in their augmented reality portfolio. Muggles everywhere will now be able to take to the streets and become the greatest wizard you can be. You will become the center of this new universe as you play up and down the streets of your city or town.

Enter Harry Potter: Wizards Unite where your journey starts as a recruit for the Statute of Secrecy Task Force. You are tasked with investigation and containment of a calamity that has befallen everyone in the wizarding world. Spellcasters from all over the world will unite to cast spells and collect artifacts, creatures, people, and more, and return them to their proper places out of the real world and away from Muggle eyes.

You will discover Inns that can help you replenish your spell power, magical ingredients to create potions, and Portkeys to unlock AR portals that will appear as wizarding world locations.

You will be able to test your skills as you visit fortresses around the world where you will compete in Wizarding Challenges, IE. Multiplayer battles.

The game will be launching on iOS and Android devices in 2019 and Pre-Registration is now open on Google Play.

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