Moons of Madness Reveals 12 Minutes Of Horror

Moons of Madness has just pushed back the final frontier and I’m not sure I want to boldly go. Funcom has dropped a new trailer for his upcoming game and it’s horrific.

Funcom, the same team behind horror RPG The Secret World, isn’t exactly creating a tense atmosphere as much as it is dispensing with the O2 all together. Their upcoming fright fest is a space-based twist on Lovecraft tropes called Moons of Madness, and it is coming to PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One this Halloween. In order to whet our appetites, the team has slipped back the curtain on this madness and dropped 12 minutes of new trailer that looks like something that could certainly get its teeth into us.

Who Wants to Holiday on Mars?

Playing as low-level tech Shane Newehart, players find themselves out for a jaunt to the red planet. If we’ve learned anything from DOOM, it’s that nothing goes well on Mars. Once there, things start to go sideways when the rest of the crew do not return from an EVA trip. Alone and with half the systems malfunctioning on board this secret research station, you need to find a way to survive until help arrives. This might sound like The Martian, but check out the trailer and you’ll find out that there already seems to be some locals waiting for you.

Missing Lovecraft concepts, traditional first-person puzzle mechanics, and a tense atmosphere, Moons of Madness was well received back at E3 and it looks like it might be worth a look here. If it piqued your interest then you can find out more at the official website now

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