Muscles, Monsters, and Destruction in Doomsday Paradise

Doomsday Paradise, a roguelike dating sim where you seduce stunning monstrosities, is out now on Steam.

Set a date and clear your weekend. Lemonade Flashbang just launched a gorgeous looking new roguelike dating sim that invites you to get horny at the end of the world. Initially announced earlier in the year, this sexy take on the Monster Prom concept invites players to come to hang out with a cast of beautiful creatures and try to get date before the end of the world.

An outrageous cast of potential dates awaits in this adventure. A criminal mastermind who wants to burn down the system, a monster girl who can’t remember when Halloween happens, and a vampire who thinks he has magical powers, and a bear are just a few of the potential hook ups for your last days. Like any traditional dating game, you’ll need some suave lines to pick up a potential date. Don’t expect thing to go the way you expect. As you forge relationships with a cast of bombshells, over 100 different endings await among the fires of damnation and card-based combat. Tilt things in your favor using sex toys for power ups and exploring this chaotic concept.

If you still haven’t quite got a handle on this anarchic slice of paradise, then check out the trailer above and head to the official Steam Store page to pick up Doomsday Paradise for $14.99 / £12.79 / €14,79. Personally, I’m taking this energy off to the bar to watch the end all unfold.

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