Nature is Scary in Squirrel with a Gun

Squirrel with a Gun

Dee Dee Creations and Maximum Entertainment have announced that nature is terrifying, as evidenced by their Squirrel with a Gun trailer. The game announcement was made during the MIX Spring Games Showcase, revealing that the shooter would be coming to PCs and consoles in 2024.

Surprisingly, squirrels’ lives are quite intricate. Between finding the perfect tree to inhabit, foraging nuts for winter, and “absolutely decimating the humans that have done them wrong with an array of firearms,” these small critters have busy lives.

Players take on the role of a furious furry who begins life with nothing but a dream: Take out all humans! As the game progresses, players will pick up a variety of firearms “so often encountered in nature” that can be used to take on agents on the hunt for them. Players have a number of ways to escape the Agents if things go sideways. Fire the gun and use recoil to get to safety. After all, it’s important to protect the seven firearms that have been collected.

Oh…and squirrels drive remote-control cars. How cool is that?

Features include

  • Fight Tooth, Claw, and Gun: Discover what an erratic squirrel can do with a gun in its paws (or just its paws) and how far this fuzzy fiend will go to collect its acorns. Escape a secret underground facility and defeat the Agents. Upgrade your weapons, locate the other secret bunkers to take down elite bosses, and even blow up a tank. Swap out weapons to try your paw at all 12 types of enemy takedowns.
  • Solve Intricate Puzzle Rooms to Collect Golden Acorns: Navigate unique puzzle challenges to collect all the golden acorns by getting creative with your weapon arsenal. Use weapon recoil to give yourself a boost. Collect enough golden acorns to unlock hidden sections of the game.
  • Have Some Nutty Sandbox Fun: Explore the world from a squirrel’s eye view or cruise around in your toy car. Harass the neighborhood or ask curious passersby for nice pets. Help them out in exchange for goodies (or mug them), and unlock cosmetics to create your squirrely style.

There is no specific information about when the game will be released. However, it’s coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC sometime this year.

Check out the Squirrel with a Gun Steam page for more details.

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