Grandia HD Collection coming to Nintendo Switch

Grandia HD Collection

GungHo Online Entertainment has announced that Grandia HD Collection is coming to Nintendo Switch on August 16th. In addition to the well-known RPGs in the series, GHDC will come with updated visuals, new language options, and, of course, handheld support.

Players will find a number of familiar features including real-time, turn-based combat, tons of magical abilities, huge worlds to explore, a skill progression system, challenging and epic enemies, and “ear-indulging, melodious compositions”.

Later this year, GungHo has plans to bring Grandia HD Collection to PC and will be renaming Grandia II Anniversary Edition to Grandia II HD Remaster. There is no specific date when this will happen.

All of the remastered games will feature enhanced UI, sprites, and texture art as well as reimagined cinematic videos, widescreen support, Steam cards/achievements (PC) and both Japanese/English audio.

Learn more on the official site.

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