Neko Ghost Jump! Gets A Spooky Cute Trailer

Solo developer, Burgos Games, has spawned the cutest of companions for you this weekend with a new trailer for Neko Ghost Jump!

Coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC later this year, Neko Ghost Jump! Follows the adventures of a colorful kitty as they navigate an equally pawsome looking world in a rather unique way. Ushering players through the world of the titular Neko Ghost, this new trailer shows off a purrfect combination of old and new ideas. As the cute character at the center of this escapade tries to save their family and friends from the dastardly Space Pirate Dog Boss and his minions, the perspective seamlessly switches between 2D and 3D platforming escapades on a whim.

Pounce Kitty Pounce

This isn’t the only change of perspective that occurs on the way to saving your friends. Neko can take on a spirit form and cat attack any enemies with a level of prejudice not seen since I got the laser pointer out! Neko will pounce, purr, and switch perspectives through snowy tundras, desert plains, and grassy plains. The grass isn’t for chewing on.

“I wanted to make something with a unique enough hook that would appeal to many people,” said Burgos Games founder Victor Burgos. “Plus cats are cute. Can’t go wrong with that, right?”

Neko Ghost Jump! Feels like a joyous take on the platforming genre owing equal amounts to the blue speedster and a certain Italian plumber’s 64-bit antics. If you’re going to take inspiration then it might as well be from the best. Neko will blast across the screen and as the releasee grows claws gamers can get hands-on with Neko Ghost at PAX East later this month. Check out the adorable trailer above and get ready to take a new view on platformers, or just head over to the Neko Ghost Jump! Steam Store page for all the details.


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