Wolcen Blasts Server Issues & Progression Loss

Wolcen Blasts Server Issues

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem launched on Steam after a lengthy Early Access period. The game’s servers were not able to deal with the avalanche of heroes and champions that surged into the ARPG which lead to a variety of troubles with connectivity and server issues, making co-op nearly unplayable.

Since then the developers have investigated the issue and rolled out a hotfix to address authentication and connectivity. Additionally, the team also tackled the issues of items in personal chest having a chance to disappear and characters disappearing after being created.

We keep gathering your reports and we keep working on other issues that will be fixed eventually. We also already planned another hotfix for the end of next week, and we’re ready to hotfix as soon as possible if there are critical issues that need to be addressed.

Please accept our apologies again for the inconvenience. Thank you for being so many to support us.

The team also presented a list of bugs that will likely be tackled next week:

  • Fixing some Gate of Fates nodes with wrong values, leading to unexpected results.
  • Fixing some rare occurence of Offering Shrine being unable to generate valid objects at a low character level.
  • Fixing the “additional stamina points” magic effect on boots being unable to roll on high level items.
  • Fixing one unique item cosmetic mismatch leading to “undefined weapon” icons and invisible mesh.
  • Fixing a generation issue on some Maps and Reverie incense leading to the wrong area (as an exemple, expedition with more chests that won’t have any chests).
  • Fixing an issue with ailment damage numbers in the character sheet not scaling with ailments damage bonuses. This already works gameplay wise so those magic effects have an effect, it’s just not shown in the character sheet.
  • Fixing an issue with the Endgame special boss not looting upon death.
  • And fixing various client or server crashes.

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