New Dawn of War III Environments trailer shows off the climes of never-ending war

Hnnnnnnggggg. More, please.
Dawn war 3 environments trailer

As we near ever closer to the Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III launch, Relic and SEGA are putting out more and more details. Today, some shiny footage of the environments to whet our appetite. Honestly, this game is looking more and more like the much-wanted and long-awaited return to the series. I really hope they nail it, and nail it hard like that time my Grandma and Grandpa made my dad. TMI? Just check out the new Dawn of War III Environments trailer:

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III - Fog of War #3 - Environment Showcase

New Dawn of War III Environments trailer shows:

  • Cyprus Ultima: Filled with details and history, Cyprus Ultima has a medieval style that expresses the war-ravaged way of life for people in the 41st millennium

  • Cage World: A true alien environment, Cage World’s ever-evolving landscape means the ground can literally shift beneath your feet, so you can never be sure where the battle will take you

  • Starfort: With massive structures towering over each battlefield, the scale of the weaponry on display in this gothic battle station is the ultimate in Imperium technology

  • Acheron: From first glance, where waves of lava clash against mountains of snow and ice, it’s clear that the elements aren’t all that’s at war on Acheron. Home to nothing but violence, the beautiful glaciers serve as frozen tombs for the battles of the past, and as the stage for some of the largest battles you’ll face in Dawn of War III

Be sure to watch the gameplay/story trailer from last week too!

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