New PlayStation 5 Games Coming in 2022

Horizon Forbidden West

The run on the Playstation 5 is unbroken. As soon as the console shows up at a retailer, it’s out of stock in a matter of moments. The latest video games for the PS5 are at least as popular. In 2022, exciting games are added that Playstation fans should definitely not miss.

Online games & classics for the console on the rise

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Horizon 2: Forbidden West

In February, there will be a new game hit from the action series. Horizon 2: Forbidden West is suitable for the PS4 and the PS5 in its 2nd edition. Players slip into the role of heroes and experience exciting adventures in the post-apocalyptic world against extremely large and impressive machines. In the first trailer, some sections of the desert and underwater world can already be seen. The next moment a gigantic turtle appears. This promises excitement and variety paired with challenging gameplay.

Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo is already entering its 7th series in 2022. The latest edition is the first game for the PlayStation 5, and includes a complex career mode in which all solo players strategically build their own careers. In addition, there are different online modes. Among the sought-after features is a photo option that lets you capture the most exciting racing moments forever.

In the legendary simulation mode, pure driving, buying, and tuning are available for selection, as are sales and a gripping solo campaign. Depending on how successfully a player completes each route, they can unlock more challenges and vehicles. At the same time, it is possible to compete against other drivers in a GT Sport mode and keep refining and improving one’s skills.

Gran Turismo 7 x Porsche - first look

Granblue Fantasy: ReLink

Platinum Games brings one of the next big role play games with Granblue Fantasy: ReLink. The mobile version of this fantasy game is very popular in Japan. In this original PlayStation 4 classic, players take on the role of digital heroes who must prove themselves in a futuristic world in the clouds. This game works as a solo game and has a multiplayer mode. Players can dive into the action-adventure together with up to three other gamers.

The different characters evolve and can be customized as desired. The objective is to advance in one of the three difficulty levels and collect valuable treasures. Those who successfully complete the main campaign can unlock new content. The items that appear on the journey mean additional experience and help in the challenging battles.

Hogwarts Legacy

Whether it’s terminal bricks, collectible figures, clothing or decorations, Harry Potter is one of the guarantees for a big seller. There’s no question that a new game on the subject will also be released for the PlayStation 5: Hogwarts Legacy is a role-playing game. Players go to the famous school as students. They improve their own skills in wizardry and learn all the things that a skilled wizard should be able to do. One of the strengths of PC and console games is not only their high acceptance among young players. Kids and teens use their logical thinking, imagination, motor skills and reaction time to get ahead in a game.

As the game story unfolds, the heroes themselves must uncover who is behind the dark mystery. Harry Potter fans have an advantage, because they can use insider knowledge to ensure faster progress. However, the game is also suitable for those who haven’t seen any of the Harry Potter movies yet.

The Callisto Protocol

Striking Distance Studios has released The Callisto Protocol, their first game for the PS5. The place of action is the Jupiter moon Callisto. Here, each player messes with mutated and mystical humans. On the whole, the game is reminiscent of Dead Space. It can even reach the quality of the fourth part, which fans have wanted for so long. Besides the PlayStation, this game will also be available for the Xbox and PC in 2022. On this occasion, it is worth looking at the compatibility with other devices.

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