News Tower Is Hot Off the Press in Steam Early Access

News Tower Is Hot Off the Press in Steam Early Access

Sparrow Night and Twin Sails Interactive have announced that News Tower is hot off the press and in Steam early access. Budding newspaper tycoons can take off on a journey to build a media empire in a game world inspired by the 1930s.

A new early access launch trailer explores a variety of gameplay features and offers viewers a peek inside the game’s graphics and settings.

Early access will offer players a great look at the game as it progresses toward its final release. Players can discover three main quest storylines, with more added as development continues. In addition, players will find and unlock over 100 items used to optimize their towers. The entire New York City map can be unlocked and players can explore a variety of stories from 1930 to 1932. Over time, updates will bring new challenges, skills, items, QoL improvements, and more.

Features include

  • Investigate Scoops Around the US: From cat disappearances to Prohibition and the Great Depression, you’ve got to break the news while it’s hot! Follow leads across the world and choose which angles to pursue to develop each story. Will you maintain the integrity of freedom of the press, or trade influence with different factions in the city?
  • Compose Your Newspaper: Lay out your paper with the articles you’ve produced each week. Hard-hitting journalism, sensational gossip, income-generating ads – you decide what makes the cut. Just make sure it’s not old news!
  • Build & Optimize Your Tower: Manage the layout of your production line and hire the right people for each job. But don’t neglect the well-being of your employees while you’re chasing profits, or the final product may suffer!
  • Grow Your News Empire: Start small and conquer New York by expanding your distribution network to famous neighborhoods like Wall Street, Central Park and more, unlocking new upgrades and readers with their own interests.

Players can purchase a copy of the game for $17.99 for the first week of early access. After that, the price will return to its normal $19.99 price point. For those who like to try before buying, a demo is available for a peek at the game.

Learn more by visiting the News Tower Steam page.

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