No Man’s Sky Flies Off On A New Expeditions update

No Man’s Sky just got an Expeditions update, a brand new major addition of content for explorers in Hello games gorgeous looking universe.

It’s been just six weeks or so since Sean Murray’s team added the fluff fueled Companions update to No Man’s Sky. Now, anybody out in the cosmos can jump into some new seasonal adventures across PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation VR, and Xbox Series X | S. Available right now, the new galaxy spanning quest lines that make up these Expeditions update are set to fling pilots out into the great unknown.

While the Expeditions seasons are expected to change with each update, the first seasonal set will kick off at the same starting point for everybody. This community focused event will send everyone out on a charted course, completing different challenges along the way.


Rewards for this adventure include a new jetpack, an exclusive ship, weapon, a title, and more that we haven’t heard about yet. A recent blog post over on the PlayStation website also confirmed that successful completion of each mission will also unlock one of a large collection of new iconic mission patches to show off. These seasonal exclusives will not be available in any other form, so you will need to get into space soon to grab them. Pilots, however, will be able to take this new loot back into other game modes, allowing successful explorers to show off their loot.

If you haven’t had time to drop into No Man’s Sky since the Companions update or want to prepare for a galaxy spanning adventure, and get a glimpse of the many possibilities in the No Man’s Sky universe, then check out the official website now for more details. Alternatively, you can check out the trailer before jumping straight into the No Man’s Sky Expeditions update.

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