One Year of Borderlands 3 Statistics

One Year of Borderlands 3 Statistics

Borderlands 3 turned one year old on September 13th. To celebrate the occasion, the developers have shared a special trailer to thank players for a year of mayhem and share some crazy statistics.

Here’s what players achieved over the last 12 months:

  • Over 10,000,000 copies sold
  • 117,365 years spent in co-op
  • 456,800,128 red chests opened
  • 5,710,537,521 badasses killed
  • 1,181,914,880,625 bullets fired
  • 119,677,106 grenade suicides

During PAX, the developers from Gearbox Software were on hand to announce PS5 and XSX versions of the game. Owners of PS4 and Xbox One versions will get a free next-gen upgrade. Check out the Borderlands 3 official site to find out more.

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