Oreo Xbox Special Edition Cookies Are A Thing

Oreo Xbox Special Edition Cookies - halo cookies n cream skins

Oreo Xbox Special Edition Cookies are hitting shelves, giving your weekly shop a taste of plastic and silicon?

Take a Break From Your Xbox Gaming. Grab a drink from your Xbox mini fridge, and chomp into some Oreo Xbox Special Edition Cookies. Gaming giant Xbox has announced a collaboration that will bring the famous cookies brand to gamers. Available in Europe in store shelves, the new snacks will feature the iconic Xbox logo, as well as the iconic A, B, X, and Y controller buttons alongside a directional arrow. The traditional cookie-and crème flavor fits between both sides of these unusual new snacks, so no thematic experience for your taste buds. Probably all the better.

Like other gaming brand cross overs, there are digital components to this promotion. An Xbox blog entry confirms that anybody scanning the Oreo Xbox cookies and cracking exclusive cookie combinations can unlock a range of prizes. Anybody taking part will likely need to take a look at the cheat codes from days gone by as inspiration to unlock this challenge. Figuring out these in pack puzzles can unlock exciting, exclusive Oreo-themed in-game content, such as armor packs and vehicle skins for popular titles like Forza Horizon 5, Sea of Thieves, and Halo Infinite. You can take a look at some of the skins above, so I guess it’s time to eat some delicious junk food.

This is hardly the most frivolous thing that Xbox has lent its name to over the years. Aside from the Xbox Series X shaped fridge range and Xbox Onsie,  we still want to know what Xbox smells like thanks to the Xbox official body spray.

For anybody looking to pick up a pack, check out the official Xbox blog to pinpoint stores stocking this in Europe.

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