Overwatch 2 Presented the Newest Hero: Lifeweaver

Blizzard Entertainment, the developer of free-to-play hero shooter Overwatch 2, has taken to the official site to introduce players to the latest character to join the roster: Lifeweaver. Hailing from Thailand, Lifeweaver is characterized by his love and respect for nature as well as his advanced biolight technology.

The developers note that Lifeweaver has a unique playstyle that that introduces a few new mechanics into the game:

  • Healing Blossom is his first primary fire. With this weapon, he charges a luminescent flower and sends it to his allies. The longer he charges the blossom, the more healing it provides;
  • His alternate primary fire is called Thorn Volley. With this weapon, he fires biolight thorns at enemies in a scattered pattern. While mainly intended as a form of defense, Lifeweaver can deal a decent amount of damage with Thorn Volley as well;

Note that you are unable to heal allies while using Thorn Volley, so choose which ability you’d like to use based on your surroundings and the team’s needs!

  • Petal Platform is Lifeweaver’s secondary-fire ability. He throws a pod that blooms into a flower-like platform upon landing. Whether ally or enemy, anyone stepping on the platform causes it to elevate, and it will remain airborne for a certain amount of time;
  • Rejuvenating Dash lunges Lifeweaver in his traveling direction while lightly healing himself. A well-timed jump at the apex of his Petal Platform will launch you into the air. Pair this ability with Rejuvenating Dash to cover a fair amount of distance both horizontally and vertically.
  • Life Grip envelops an ally in protective biolight and pulls them to Lifeweaver’s position. While an ally is within Life Grip, they are invulnerable to all damage.
  • Finally, for his ultimate ability Tree of Life.  Lifeweaver places a large biolight tree that pulses with healing energy. This tree provides cover for your team, meaning you can’t shoot, be shot, or pass through it. The developer responsible for the concept describes it as, “Healing Bob meets Mei’s Ice Wall.”

“Whether you’re playing as, against, or with Lifeweaver, he brings something new and exciting to the game through his mechanics, playstyles, and perspectives. Whether he’s raising his teammates up with his Petal Platform, pulling them to safety with Life Grip, or sustaining their health with Healing Blossom—Lifeweaver is a well-rounded support who adds massive sustainability and utility to his team.”

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