Pascal’s Wager – Tides of Oblivion Announced

Tipsworks Studios and Giant Network have announced that Pascal’s Wager will be growing again in August with the addition of “Tides of Oblivion”. New content includes new characters to meet and a brand new area to explore called Ichthyosauria. Players will be able to purchase the expansion for $2.99 for both Android and iOS mobile devices. Players will be able to play the new content beginning August 20th.

Players will meet Jerold, a familiar friend, as he teams up with Terrance for an all-new journey to save his home. Ichthyosauria is a unique location and vastly different from the lands of Solas. Enemies will exhibit new characteristics that are similar to those of aquatic creatures but with terrifying results. The journey will not be a walk in the park. Couriers will need to practice controlling Jerold before taking the sword to formidable enemies in Ichthyosauria. Practice will hone an exhilarating, lethal dance.

Check out the Pascal’s Wager official site to learn more about the unique mobile game.

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