Phase Joins The Roster of Paragon Heroes

Yesterday Phase joined the roster of Paragon heroes as a part of v. 0.40 update, Age of Intellect. To celebrate the occasion, Epic Games published a special blog post as well as released a new trailer.

Who is Phase?

The new hero is a telepath who started showing her powers at a young age. As a result, she was sent to Tryon Industries for “special care”. Alongside other subjects, she participated in a breakout. Once free, she hid her powers to blend in with everyday life in Omeda city.

Unleash your ally’s true potential with extraordinary abilities that can only be harnessed through the power of Phase. Link to your allies and empower them to fight longer, harder and more fiercely than you ever thought possible.

Her abilities are:

  • Telekinetic Link – creates a link between Phase and one friendly Hero. Reactivate to pull the target to her.
  • Psychic Flare – blast of light around her and the linked target. Deals damage and Blinds caught enemies.
  • Energy Lance – a stream of energy that deals damage and stacks slow for every hit. At a certain amount of stacks will root the target.
  • Hyperflux – short movement speed, increased attack speed, mana regen bonus and cooldown reduction to Phase and her link.

The update also brings updates to other heroes of Paragon, such as Shunbi, Murdock as well as many others. Additionally, players can expect to find Card updates, changes to UI, loot crates and more. You can read the full patch notes following the link above.

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