Philips Has Unveiled Two New Gaming Headsets

Philips Has Unveiled Two New Gaming Headsets

Philips has unveiled two new gaming headsets, adding the TAGH301BL and TAGH401BL to a hardware lineup that is best known for serving up stunning visuals rather than epic soundscapes.

Just yesterday, Philips unveiled a brand new range of gaming peripherals to add to its hardware lineup. While the long-standing brand might be better known for gaming monitors than this sort of audio add on, the new Philips TAGH301BL and Philips TAGH401BL are the brand’s first steps into a market that saw AOC recently test the waters. Designed by MMD, a display specialist and brand license partner for Philips monitors, the two designs provide compatibility and features across a range of potential platforms.


While the naming convention might do with a little work, the first of the two Philips headsets come in an over-ear design. Built to be lightweight and platform agnostic, this stereo set of speakers weighs in at just weight of just 211 and houses a pair of 40mm neodymium drivers. A lengthy 1.8 m cabl conencts to a universal 3.5mm jhack while plenty of padding should mean that whichever handheld or console you connect to, these will just keep going.


The TAGH401BL builds on the construction of Philips other headset, swapping out the universal jack for a USB 2.0 connection. It also crams in Dirac HD/3D sound technology to immerse gamers in their virtual world and provide accurate spatial positioning during competition.

“Dirac solutions breathe a new layer of life and detail into the gaming experience; sounds that were previously lost are now present and accurately placed around the gamer as if real-life,” stated Lars Isaksson, Dirac VP of Headphone & Streaming Audio. “By collaborating on developing the Philips gaming headsets, we’re delivering their customers the realism and immersion that makes the difference between an ordinary and extraordinary gaming experience. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with MMD to push the boundaries of gaming audio.”

These additional features only cost an additional 39 grams of weight and should be a reasonably attractive balance of price and performance.

The new Philips TAGH301BL and Philips TAGH401BL will be available from August 2021 at an RRP of £32 and £51, respectively. To find out more head over to the official website where you can get the full specification for these new audio devices.

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