3 Gaming Peripherals

Immerse yourself in the Gaming World with these Three Gaming Equipment Pieces

When you play video games on the greatest gaming equipment available, the experience is significantly enhanced. Acquiring the best gaming equipment is essential if you want to completely immerse yours...

White EPOS H3PRO Hybrid

Same Great Sound In With A New Lick Of Paint For The EPOS H3PRO Hybrid

The EPOS H3PRO Hybrid gaming headset just got two brand new colors, meaning even more choice for putting together the perfect desktop aesthetic. Epos has just announced a new duo of creative changes t...

Victrix Gambit Wireless Headset Review = picutre of headset in purple lighting

Victrix Gambit Wireless Headset Review

After seeing off all comers and blowing us away with the Gambit Controller last week, We slipped on the Victrix Gambit Wireless Headset to see if it’s time to repaint the front room purple and black. ...

8 Great
Cut The Cord With The AOC Gaming GH401

Cut The Cord With The AOC Gaming GH401

After launching a whole heap of new Agon Pro monitors, AOC has announced the AOC Gaming GH401, a wireless gaming headset to augment its current lineup. AOC has had something of a year, launching a bun...

Victrix Launch The World’s fastest Xbox Controller & Matching Gambit Headset - picture of a controller

Victrix Launch The World’s fastest Xbox Controller & Matching Gambit Headset

Victrix, a San Diego based peripheral manufacturer, has just unveiled the world’s fastest Xbox controller and a brand new headset to match. There’s a brand new Xbox controller on the market and it see...


The Different Types Of Headphones And How To Choose One

There are many different types of headphones for many different purposes. If you are an avid runner, chances are you will want a headphone type that is sweat-proof and comfortable to wear during stren...

Philips TAGH401BL Gaming Headset Review - philips headset hanging on a tree

Philips TAGH401BL Gaming Headset Review

Back in August, Philips unveiled two new gaming headsets and while the Philips TAGH401BL doesn’t initially sound that impressive, we’re expecting far more than its name suggests. While Philips might n...

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EPOS H3 Hybrid

Be Ready For Any Situation With The New EPOS H3 Hybrid Headset

EPOS, the gaming audio manufacturer has followed up on its recent RIG reboots with a brand new take on the popular H3 headset, the H3 Hybrid. The new H3 Hybrid and wireless H3PRO Hybrid gaming headset...

Game Room

Tips for Setting Up an Awesome Game Room

Would you like to have your own games room? Do you have space in your house but do not know how to design one? Having your own games room can allow you to escape after a long day. You can focus on hav...

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