Planet Coaster – Update 1.5 & Adventure Pack DLC

Planet Coaster is rolling out the free update 1.5 today that includes a number of bug fixes and UI improvements and brings forth the Adventure Pack DLC designed around the South American gold rush for $10.99.

Adventure Pack includes three new rides, two new hats, a new heroine, over 320 scenery items, special effects and much more. Players will be able to use over 70 building pieces, 40 jungle-themed foliage pieces, special effects, statues and new audio.

From the video description:

Adventure Pack is available now to purchase for PC. Get ready to move into the humid, green, lush jungle atmosphere with the all-new Planet Coaster Adventure Pack! Create your own pyramids, temples, and other jungle structures. Lure your guests into ancient traps and have them encounter some truly scary creatures including crocodiles, hippos, or even mummies! Including the Gold Fever coaster, Island Adventure and Land Ahoy rides and a new entertainer, Renee Feu! Are you ready for an adventure?!

You can find out more on the on the project’s Steam page.

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