Plants vs Zombies shooter revealed & headed for alpha

Plants vs Zombies

It appears that Plants vs Zombies is…growing…in a whole new direction. Reddit is afire with news that many console players are receiving invites to an early-August playtest for a “PvZ shooter”. Both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players have received invites to try an alpha version of the game (codenamed “Picnic) starting on August 1st. Testers will be able to try out the game’s multiplayer component. Beyond those few facts, little else was revealed.

Plants vs Zombies

The team behind “Picnic” is the same team that created PvZ: Garden Warfare and is likely a sequel that will be released by the end of March 2020. Plants vs Zombies 3 is also in the works, though it is likely that it will be released earlier.

Those receiving an invitation to the event are part of the Community Playtesting program. Some events are on-site at the Redwood Shores, California, while others are remote and at-home opportunities.

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