PS5 Gets Its First Official Bundle With Horizon Forbidden West


There are plenty of bundles out there from retailers where they pack controllers and games together with a console. I purchased a PS5 bundle from Gamestop a month or two into the process and caught it for 700 dollars with an extra controller, Marvel’s Avengers, Miles Morales, and Hitman. I feel like it was a decent price but it wasn’t what they are rumoring for this official bundle.

The prices that are being discussed at the moment are around 550 USD for the disc PS5 and 450 USD for the digital PS5. The bundles are not yet available and they are being offered through PS Direct so make sure to sign up for your chance to grab one.

Based on the UK prices it looks like the bundle is coming in at about 20 less than the full price of the system and the game. This may change when it’s released for sure and we will know more about it sometime down the road.

I can tell you from experience it was rough trying to get a PS5 through the normal direct channels and I got very lucky with a Gamestop release of the console. It has been a fun system to play around with and without owning a Series X/S system, it sounds like the PS5 is still more stable than the Microsoft console.

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