THQ Nordic Announces Way of the Hunter

Way of the Hunter

For outdoorsy types, THQ Nordic’s announcement of Way of the Hunter may be just the ticket for gaming goodness. The game centers on the thrill of the hunt by placing them in the shoes of an ethical huntsman. The game is being developed by Slovakia’s Nine Rocks Games for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

The game sends players off to take over his grandfather’s hunting cabin and to continue a family tradition of selling game meat of the highest quality. Players are presented with a wide array of biomes to explore that offer plenty of nature’s beauty and bounty. Players will need to observe, track, and kill their prey without being detected.

Way of the Hunter’s large selection of authentic hunting equipment and weapons, including licensed guns and scopes, are amplified by realistic handling of firearms and bullet physics. The game features two, vast, open-world hunting territories – one in the U.S. and one in Europe – every 55 square miles (144 km²) in size and boasting its own simulated wildlife ecosystem. Co-op multiplayer mode allows players to venture out into awe-inspiring nature and share the thrill of the chase during their greatest hunting adventures.

Check out the great-looking trailer before heading to the Way of the Hunter official site for more details.

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