Realm of Ink Got a New Update

Realm of Ink Got a New Update

Ink-style action Roguelite Realm of Ink got a new update, further enhancing the available demo content.

The heroine, Red, unexpectedly discovers she is just a fictional character within the short story when hunting the Fox. Only by unlocking the dark secrets will she defy her own destined path. As you play through the game, you will progressively unlock more characters. Everything seems to be destined: the old world will collapse while a new world is forming, and the awakened spirits will be meant to reshape their true selves amidst countless cycles of destruction.

Realm of Ink – Version 0.15.0 Update Includes:


  • Implemented new scenes and enhanced combat experiences at Animitta Mountain.
  • Added the endless challenge mode at Animitta Mountain.
  • Animitta’s Sanctum: This mode rewards rare perks based on the number of monsters you killed. With increasingly powerful enemies constantly emerging, you can try to push your limits and strengthen your builds. Come check it out!
  • Added Needle Ink, which is capable of piercing foes, and causing severe bleeding.
  • Talent Stele is now open, located in the northwest corner of the Fox Inn.
  • Added three new advanced Ink Gems. Upon defeating the White Ape, two of them can be randomly obtained.
  • High-level Ink Pet Evolution is now available. You can unlock unique and powerful Ink Pet special skills when you evolve them to a higher level.
  • The difficulty system is now unlocked, offering better-balanced difficulty for the initial stage. Players can try harder difficulty levels, with better drops of rare items and materials for talent cultivation.
  • Added more dialogue and voice acting for a richer narrative experience.


  • Improved attack animations for the White Ape, adding new attack actions and mechanisms for a more engaging boss battle experience.
  • Added a beginner guide animation at the start and optimized the beginner guide process to help players better understand the mechanics of the Ink Gems and Ink Pets.
  • Enhanced the drop effects of destructible objects, adding new drops such as Small HP Bottle and Silver Coins.
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