Realm Royale is Tinkering with the Forge

Realm Royale is getting a new update and it’s one that is in response to the update before this. This update overall is a good adjustment and helps to quell some issues people had with what had previously happened. The change before this had put Legendary Class weapons as being available through RNG loot chests spread throughout the game. They have added them back to the Forge and changed there crafting cost. This right here is a solid adjustment that a good percentage of the player base was complaining about. Making it less RNG and more about getting the necessary materials ( 200 shards and two chicken trophies )to craft your beast of a weapon.

Along with this, they have also adjusted the material cost of non class Legendary weapons to be 120 shards and one chicken trophy. Helping to make those decisions on what to build next more thoughtful. With this update, you can carry up to three chicken trophies. This is a fairly big thing and helps you to save up and maybe make more than one thing for crunch time.

It’s great to see HI-Rez listening to the community about their updates in Realm Royale and implementing changes as well.

They had this to say on the matter:

Thank you to everyone who played Realm Royale this past weekend! We received a lot of feedback from the community concerning some changes to the Forge that were implemented last Friday. Based on active discussions in the community, we have released another update today focused on the Forging system.

We want to make Realm Royale a great game alongside our community and thank you all for your feedback. Please continue to leave feedback within the Steam Discussions. Your thoughts are very important to us and are considered heavily when we evaluate areas in which we can improve.

As a general update, we plan on releasing a full Patch later this week to address other community concerns such as weapon adjustments, as well as introducing new content!


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