Ubisoft Working on Project Q, a PvP Battle Arena Game

Project Q

Ubisoft has confirmed that it is working on and testing “Project Q” after a leak revealed a PvP battle arena game that will also feature a battle royale mode. While in early development, players have been invited to sign up for future testing opportunities as it progresses through the creation cycle.

In addition, a gameplay video was leaked. PLayeriGN posted a 9+ minute video that has since been taken down. It offered a trio of tidbits about the game as well as a look at how it is playing in early development. Keep in mind that this information is from a leaked video and that the game is likely to change quite a bit between now and release.

According to PLayeriGN, here are some of the game components:

  • Showdown is a battle royale consisting of four teams of two
  • Battlezone features 4v4 action to reach 100 control points first
  • The game features “heroes, weapons, abilities, skills and 3 wonders” — What this means specifically remains to be seen.

Players are invited to the Project Q official site to learn more and to sign up for testing opportunities for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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