Red Dead Online – A Land of Opportunities Bonuses Detailed

Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online devs have detailed the bonuses provided this week in the game. Players can expect a range of discounts and bonuses this week, including 30% more RDO$ and XP for any completed A Land of Opportunities Mission during the next two weeks along with 25% off the Double-Action Revolver and Springfield Rifle, 50% off Hatchet and Cleaver prices, and 25% off all Ability Card Upgrade prices, all through August 19th.

The Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Catalogue sees some limited-time offerings returning today, including Owanjila Hat and Concho Pants. In addition, all vests that typically require Rank 31 and above have been temporarily made available to those at Rank 30, while Vests typically requiring Rank 11-29 are currently reduced to Rank 10.

Check out the official site or our report to learn more about an update soon coming to the game.

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