RIG Refresh Reveals New Generation 2 Headsets

RIG Refresh Reveals New Generation 2 Headsets

Nacon has revealed a refresh of two popular RIG audio accessories with the RIG 500 Pro and RIG 700 Generation 2 headsets.

Following on from the reveal of the Dolby Atmos enabled RIG Pro Compact Controller, the newest versions of the RIG 500 Pro and RIG 700 headsets take everything that made the first generation of RIG audio and add some obvious upgrades to the set. The RIG 500 Pro Generation 2 comes in four distinct flavors, depending on your preferred platform :


rig 500 pro gen 2


  • RIG 500 PRO HX Gen 2: for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One: $69.99 (USD) / $89.96 (CAN)
  • RIG 500 PRO HS Gen 2: for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4: $69.99 (USD) / $89.96 (CAN)
  • RIG 500 PRO HC Gen 2: for multi platform console and portable gaming: $69.99 (USD)
  • RIG 500 PRO HA Gen 2: for PC gaming and includes longer cables and y-splitter: $79.99 (USD)

All models of the newly announced 500 Pro Generation 2 come with a steel headband, reinforcing the flexible plastic headband that comes with the previous iteration. Alongside this supportive frame, Nacon has added plenty of padding along the top to give a better balance of weight, flexibility, and dependability in the toughest fights. The same exoskeleton ear cup design still prevails, with low distortion 50 mm drivers that should provide a punchy and responsive in-game experience for those purely looking at performance.

RIG 700 Pro

Once again, the RIG 700 Pro brings a familiar RIG structure to this new audio lineup. The RIG 700 Pro offers up a new balance of performance and wireless gaming. Rather than a direct wireless upgrade of the 500 Generation 2 headsets, the RIG 700 Pro is an entirely different proposition. Designed and tuned to deliver an immersive experience with the spatial audio systems of next-generation systems, the 700 Pro allows cable-free gaming at only 241g. The lightweight accessory seems to put player comfort at the forefront with plenty of padding, a self-adjustable strap, and a balanced 40 mm set of drivers. Two versions of this new headset are on offer:




  • RIG 700 PRO HX: officially licensed for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One: $119.99
  • RIG 700 PRO HS: PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4: $119.99


If you’re looking out for a new headset then you can check out the 500 PRO HC Gen 2 at GameStop, with all other variants available at major retailers on 20 May. The RIG 700 Pro is exclusively available at GameStop but I’ll be scouring EU retailers for that white model any minute now. Find out more about these headsets over on the official Nacon website.

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