Rocket League is heading to China courtesy of Tencent

Heading to the Far East...
china Fate of the Furious Rocket League

The biggest game about cars playing soccer is about to extend its global domination as it preps a trip to China. That’s right, Rocket League is heading to China courtesy of Tencent. Announced today, during the Tencent UP 2017 Interactive Entertainment Press Conference, the Chinese version of Rocket League® is a collaboration between Tencent and Psyonix, and will feature the core Rocket League® gameplay that players have come to know and love. Some changes will be made to localize the game for the Chinese market, including that it will be free-to-play with items available for purchase. Additional changes will be announced further along in the development and additional details can be found on the Tencent site at

So if you live in China and have been waiting keenly for Rocket League, you won’t have to wait much longer!



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  1. Oops, players living in China can no longer buy Rochet League in Steam. Since Tencent is notorious in game market of China, the Chinese version of Rocket League is likely to be a blasting fuse.

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