Rocket League Sideswipe Accelerates Into Season 4

Rocket League, the handheld version of Psyonix’s esports phenomenon, is accelerating into Season 4.

Get ready for plenty more action from the mobile version of Rocket League. Rocket League Sideswipe is just got Season 4 off the grid and players can now drive into even more motorized action on their handheld gaming devices. When you’re no busy taking phone calls, Rocket League Sideswipe players can take on the latest round of play, try out a brand new Mutator game mode, take part in a big screen Rocket League crossover event, ride into the Eggscalibur Arena, and earn plenty of rewards to parade around with.

Mutator Event

The latest casual game mode to park up in Sideswipe, this new game type alters the rules of a match using random mutators. At the end of each match players will vote on if they enjoyed that match’s mutator settings. Based upon player votes, the possible set of mutators will be reduced day by day until a winning combination is set on Friday. Once set in place, this is confirmed for a full following week and a double XP boost. Event

We all knew it would happen and it’s here in July. The anticipated crossover between the full size Rocket League and Sideswipe gets into gear on the 19 July and allows players to complete Challenges in Sideswipe to earn the Calculated Goal Explosion in both Rocket League and Sideswipe, as well as Calculated Avatar in Sideswipe. Of course, you’ll need to use the same Epic account for both games to get these goodies.

Of course, those are just the big-ticket items, and players will also be treated to a new Eggscalibur arena, full of adventure s well as their hard earned rewards from Season 3. With a ton of tweaks, rewards, and new content maybe it’s time to get into Rocket League Sideswipe now. Check out the full Sideswipe Season 4 blog post for more details

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