RPG Maker Celebrates a Million Sold with New DLC

RPG Maker

RPG Maker has sold a million copies and devs are ready to celebrate! Not only is the base game on sale, so are all the DLC.

And then there’s the FREE RPG Maker DLC

If getting a great deal on the title itself isn’t enough, Degica has a brand new DLC. Called the “Sakan Tileset Builder”, it allows creators to use over a thousand parts that can be customized in order to create your own  unique tileset.

Furnitures, food, buttons and gear are only the start of the huge variety of parts. Adding to that a stamp feature, and color setting and you can make an infinite variety of tiles without having to resort to dot painting.This allow you to create tiles that lets you go around MV limits of 4 layers per tile, and really customize you scenery as much as you want on the fly.

Lastly, Linux creators rejoice! Your day is at hand with full support now added!

You can check out all the pricing information and more on the official Steam site.

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