Sentinels Of Freedom Out To Save The Nintendo Switch

Sentinels of Freedom, a strategy that turns the tables on comic book ner do wells, has superhero landed on the Nintendo Switch.

Taking a lead from comic book heroes, the developers at Underbite Games, are bringing their innovative take on turn-based strategy titles to Nintendo’s on the go hybrid platform from today. Taking place on the comic book page, and jumping right onto the console screen, this new adventure first launched on PC earlier this year. Now Switch owners can take this opportunity to fight crime and save stranded cats for $24.99 /€22.39 / £20.19.

Get The Spandex

Players pulling on the lycra for Sentinels of Freedom can build their own custom superhero that has their particular backstory, personality, power source, abilities and costume. You’ll choose from a range of class archetypes, focusing on melee brawling, support, or nifty gadgets to tie up your foes and refining your design as your hero levels up and modifies their look to the new challenges that they face. This isn’t just a solo mission however, gamers will et to build a squad of enhanced individuals as they break out of the comic cell and tackle all obstacles. It’s up to you to build the best collection of misfits for each job.

Like any good superhero story, there’s some crime-fighting to be done and Sentinel Comics has plenty of action for your character. Starting out foiling a typical bank heist leads the protagonist of this strategic super game into a tale that has a much sinister endgame. Across a series of missions, players will experience new situations, unique objectives, and enemy types, all before choosing how to proceed next.

After receiving a generally positive response on Steam, it’s time for fans of turn-based combat and comic book aficionados to take on an evil plot or two on Nintendo Switch. You can pick up Sentinels Of Freedom from today on the Nintendo Switch eShop or have a look at the official website for more information.

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