Seven Knights 2 Introduce Chapter 10 Update

Seven Knights 2 Introduce Chapter 10 Update - picture of the new seven knights 2 characters

Seven Knights 2 is giving players in Netmarble’s latest fantasy adventure a chance to chase the light in a new Chapter 10 update.

Players who have blown through Seven Knights 2 since its initial release will be eager to hear that Netmarble is bringing a new Chapter 10 update to Seven Knights 2. The follow up to the long standing Seven Knights mobile title is about to get more story, extra challenges, two new heroes, and plenty of events to keep players entertained.

Players already familiar with the Daybreak Mercenaries and their story will have lots to look forward to, completing their journey with this band of miscreants as they attempt to piece together their world after the events so far. The new narrative will also follow Rudy’s adventure to receive the Oracle of Light, which is likely to resonate with fans of the first Seven Knights.

New Knights

The newly announced update to Seven Knights includes the opportunity to slot in a couple of extra heroes to the roster too. These recruits include the Legendary+ Knight of Light Rudy and Legendary Sanguine Rose Miss Velvet. While you might be familiar with Rudy, we can confirm that he slots into the team in his original form unleashing defensive skills like Damage Reflection and Taunt. In contrast, Legendary Sanguine Rose Miss Velvet. Is far more offensive, and might be more useful in arena modes when they arrive. We haven’t been given specific details on how they can be acquired yet so it’s safe to say there will be some RNG involved and making use of the upcoming events will increase your chances of snapping them up.

New Events

For the release of Chapter 10, Seven Knights 2 will run three special events. These include:

  • Draw Rate Up Event – Increased Rate for acquiring Knight of Light Rudy and Sanguine Rose Miss Velvet
  • Upgrade Support Special Mission – Players will have the chance to acquire a maximum of 20 Soul Stones for Miss Velvet, and a maximum of 10 Soul Stones for Knight of Light Rudy
  • Two Happy Holiday Events: Happy Holiday Celebration Special Mission & Special Check-in Event – Complete missions and log in each day for rewards including a chance to acquire Legendary Grade Armor and Weapons!

Seven Knights 2 is just the latest in Netmarble’s quickly expanding roster of impressive mobile games. The fantasy follow up to the original Seven Knights title allows players to delve into a rich fantasy world, build a team of heroes, and follow the fate of a fledgling group of mercenaries as they try to save the day. With some seriously impressive graphics, the usual mobile gacha systems, and an engaging combat system, this is certainly one for fans of the original Seven Knights. Seven Knights 2 is available now across iOS, Android and also on PC.

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