Shantae 5 Gets A Studio Trigger Trailer

Shantae 5, the latest game from the half blood genie just got a brand new trailer. Even better, it is the work of one of Japan’s most prominent anime houses.

If you hadn’t noticed this week, Anime Expo is on and we’re currently struggling to keep up with all the amazing looking news coming out of the Paris event. The team at WayForward shared a little of this magic when they dropped the trailer for the latest in the Shantae franchise over on social media.

The brand new trailer is the work of Studio Trigger, the same animation house that brought us the glory of giant robots in SSSS. Gridman and bloody great fashion in Kill la Kill. As one of the most prominent studios in Japan, it’s no wonder that fans of the franchise are a little excited over this event.

Lights. Anime. Action!

Kicking off a round of speculation, the Shantae 5 trailer features a bunch of the game’s characters, including arch nemesis Risky Boots. A punky soundtrack and an almost Saturday morning cartoon theme don’t tell us much about the game although it’s a fair assumption we will see all five of six of the major characters that feature in the animated feature.

If you aren’t sure why I’m rambling about a half-blood genie and only whip your hair when headbanging then the Shantae series is a round of retro platforming games that has a decidedly dedicated following. Developed by WayForward, the Shantae games put players in the role of Shantae, a purple-haired genie who would rather goof off than get down to hard graft. The bubbly personality of all four previous titles and the solid platform mechanics have made the first four a joy to take on. Now, Shantae 5 is expected to magic up a storm on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4 later this year. To keep up to date on any other genie-us ideas from WayForward, you can check out the official website now.

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