Shower your Player 2 with Razer Quartz Accessories this Valentine’s Day

Everyone looks good in a pair of cat ears.

Light pinks and cherry reds are synonymous with Valentine’s Day, just like the pastel Quartz pink line-up from Razer is closely associated with streamers and heavenly gaming setups. For lovers of Razer that have been looking to snag a new mouse or headset for themselves or their partner, Best Buy has all of their Razer line-up (including the Quartz colors) on sale!

Razer Blackwidow V3 Wired Mechanical Keyboard

SALE $118.99 (MSRP $139.99)

The Blackwidow has Razer’s popular green switches for its keys, for those that love to hear every single clicky key press. This model has been extremely popular some time due to its sturdy frame, rgb lighting, and large wrist rest. With a volume adjustment scroll wheel above the numpad, this is a great addition to any gamer’s setup. It even has a pink cable!

Razer Viper Ultimate Wireless Mouse with Charging Dock

SALE $127.49 (MSRP $149.99)

Razer Quartz Viper Mouse

Who needs wires? Stylish, sleek, and pink – and fast to boot, the Quartz Viper Ultimate wireless mouse is sure to take your partner’s gaming setup to the next level. The Quartz line-up is also known for its subtle gray accent color that complements just about any tabletop.

Razer Kraken Kitty Wired Headset with RGB lighting

SALE $127.49  (MSRP $149.99)

Razer Quartz Kitty Headset

Everyone looks better with cat ears. While Razer does sell the cat ear attachments on their own, this headset proudly sports its ears by having them built in to the headband. In addition to kitty ear lighting, the ear cups light up as well with over 16.8 million colors to choose from.

Razer Base Station V2 Chroma USB Hub Headset Stand

SALE $59.49 (MSRP $69.99)

Razer Quartz Headset Stand

Stands are a must for those that want to take good care of their expensive, wireless headsets. Thanks to Razer’s lighting software, you can even make this one glow and pulse with the same colors as the rest of your razer products! And how cute would this look with the Razer Kitty Wired Headset?

Let us know in the comments down below what games or gaming accessories you plan on getting your loved one for Valentine’s Day! We promise to keep it a secret. 😉

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