Three Factors to Consider When Looking for a Gaming Keyboard

To get the most from your gaming experience, you need a keyboard that will last. Many gaming keyboards are available online and at brick-and-mortar locations equally, but you don’t want just any...

Gamesir VX2 AimBox

Gamesir VX2 AimBox Targets Keyboards Controls On Console

Gaming peripheral manufacturer Gamesir just unveiled the VX2 AimBox, a new console add on that challenges you to ditch your trusty control for a keyboard and mouse. Hong Kong based peripheral manufact...

AOC GK500 Gaming Keyboard Review - picture of keyboard

AOC GK500 Gaming Keyboard Review

Back in May 2021, AOC announced an intention to get into the PC peripheral market, launching a range of budget and high-end gaming peripherals to take on all comers. The GK500 is, like the GM500 we re...

9 Amazing

AOC Has A New Line Of New Keyboards, Mice, and Gaming Surfaces

Remember when AOC got into Gaming headsets? Now AOC has a new line of keyboard, mice, and gaming surfaces for every budget. If it wasn’t enough of a surprise when AOC launched the GH300 and GH220 head...

Vulcan Pro Optical-Tactile Keyboard picture

Roccat Launch The Vulcan Pro Optical-Tactile Keyboard

Roccat, the German based peripheral manufacturer, has unleashed a new addition to their arsenal of gaming gear in the form of the Roccat Vulcan Pro Optical-Tactile Keyboard. What’s better than a great...

Shower your Player 2 with Razer Quartz Accessories this Valentine’s Day

Light pinks and cherry reds are synonymous with Valentine’s Day, just like the pastel Quartz pink line-up from Razer is closely associated with streamers and heavenly gaming setups. For lovers o...

hyperx alloy origins blue switches

Make Some Noise For The HyperX Alloy Origins With Added Blue Switches

HyperX has just added a new twist to its Alloy Origins range of keyboards with the addition of blue Switches for this lineup of desktop boards. Shipping now, and available via online and retail stores...

Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E 4

Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E 4 Keyboard Review

By now you have probably heard about the rise and Fall of Mad Catz. The brand was well known throughout the 90s and early 2000s, but in 2017 they shut their doors…for a short time. In 2018 they return...


Whirlwind FX Element Keyboard Review

Lighting, durability, and responsiveness are things that players look for in a good gaming keyboard, but in the days of “RGB everything,” lighting can make a big difference when it comes t...

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