AOC Has A New Line Of New Keyboards, Mice, and Gaming Surfaces


Remember when AOC got into Gaming headsets? Now AOC has a new line of keyboard, mice, and gaming surfaces for every budget.

If it wasn’t enough of a surprise when AOC launched the GH300 and GH220 headsets back in March, we’re suffering from mild whiplash with the news that AOC is expanding beyond the monitor game and into gaming peripherals. Soon consumers looking for a new weapon of choice will be able to pick up AOC’s own branded keyboards, mice, and gaming surfaces to take to the desk. Split into three categories, the 700, 500, and 200 series of gaming peripherals present a very different option tailored to a variety of requirements and cash flow limitations.

700 Series

The upcoming 700 series represent the pinnacle of AOCs new range. Featuring “esports-level” accessories, the top tier consists of the AGK700 keyboard, AGM700 mouse, and AMM700 gaming surface.





While we don’t have a full spec breakdown for each device, we do know that the AGK700 is a fully-fledged mechanical keyboard, supported by Cherry MX Red and Blue switches. Gamers with a passion for RGB will find 16.9 million color combinations, USB passthrough, fully programmable macro settings, and full anti-ghosting support. The AGK 700 will come in at around £155 or local equivalent when it arrives.


The AGM 700 mouse is, again, touted as an esports level accessory with some solid sounding under the hood specs. With a Pixart PMW3389 sensor at the heart of the device, it will go as far as 16000 DP and the Omron switches should last a hefty 50 million clicks. Again, there is full RGB, with adjustable weights, onboard memory profiles, and a dedicated sniper button among the 8 programable buttons on the AGM700. All in, it’s not a bad spec for £47 or local equivalent.


The AMM700 mouse pad accompanies the keyboards and mice of the AGON series and rounds up the whole package. The micro-textured cloth surface offers easy movement and provides an accurate tracking surface for the gaming mice to move on, while the anti-slip rubber base makes sure the mouse pad doesn’t move unintended. The surrounding RGB LEDs can be customised with 4 lighting effects and can be synchronised with the other AOC peripherals/monitor via the G-Tools software.

500 Series

The 500 series options in this new range come squarely aimed at the more mid-tier market but without sacrificing too much functionality. The GK500 keyboard and GM500 mouse still feature mechanical keys and decorative RGB synchronisation, but without the same price tag that the 700 series requires.





The mid-tier GK500 with 104 programmable keys is equipped with Outemu Red/Blue mechanical switches, n-key rollover and 100% anti-ghosting. The GK500 is also compatible with AOC’s Light FX and can be synchronised with the monitors. Both the AGK700 and GK500 come with an extra set of W, A, S, D keys, and a braided USB cable with a gold-plated connector. For both models, keyboard profiles can be saved to the onboard memory using the G-Tools software and changed directly on the keyboard later without using the software. Availability of the Blue or Red switch variants for the GK500 and AGK700 mechanical keyboards may vary depending on the country.


The AOC GM500 is ambidextrous, unlike the AGM700 and features a Pixart 3325 sensor supporting 5000 Real DPI resolution, 100 inches/sec tracking speed and 20 g acceleration to be able to track movements. The GM500 also employs durable Omron switches. All eight buttons of the GM500 are programmable and should land with an MSRP of around £25.

200 Series

The 200 series is AOC’s entry-level accompaniment to the rest of this range and consists of the GK20 keyboard and the GM200 mouse, looking to fulfil the needs of the more thrifty gamer.





The entry-level gaming keyboard GK200 is equipped with membrane switches providing a “mechanical keyboard” feel. It is spill-resistant, so gamers will feel safe if they accidentally tip over their favourite drink in the heat of a battle. The GK200 is also equipped with rainbow light effects for extra flair, and for increased comfort during long gaming sessions, it comes with a detachable wrist rest. When it arrives, the GK200 is slated for an affordable £34 or local equivalent.


The AOC GM200 is a right-handed mouse with six buttons and Pixart 3519 sensor (4200 real DPI, 48 IPS and 10 g). For more precision, the DPI toggler button enables a quick switch between 800-1600-2400-4200 DPI. All this for £18 or local currency.

With all these options, we’re not entirely sure where to start, but our review of the AOC GH200 gaming headset might give you an idea of what to expect. You can expect to find the new AOC peripherals hitting shelves from 21 July. Find out exactly when and where to find these over on the AOC website now.

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