Sims 4: Play With Life & Hollywood Star Vanessa Hudgens!

It’s still unbelievable that The Sims turned 20 this year!

This lifestyle-simulator game loved by millions all over the world has become a game industry leader for welcoming self-expression, inclusiveness and diversity. In July 2019 we saw the introduction of the “Play With Life” campaign that struck a thankful chord in The Sims community alongside questions on why the video was void of any one above 25 years old. Maybe this is why we are now getting a Knitting pack?

Staying on track. Electronic Arts (EA,) take every moment they can encouraging Simmers everywhere to express themselves in bold, world-changing ways, both in-game and in real life. The Sims continues to celebrate infinite possibilities of play and empowers players to find more ways to Play With Life – from expanding gender representation options and honoring diverse real-world cultures through in-game items, to joining in on fun social media challenges and sharing meaningful stories on life and self-discovery.

As part of EA’s ongoing “Play With Life” campaign, American actress and singer Vanessa Hudgens is collaborating with The Sims encouraging fans to unleash their creativity, joy and love of adventure in The Sims 4. The singer and actress has never been afraid to take risks on the screen and off of it, carrying that same sense of adventure into her game.

Hands-on with the infinite possibilities often, The Sims 4 has given this simmer hours of multi-cultural customization that supports my Polynesian, Asian and Irish heritage. Being able to create households loaded with differing skin, hair and eye types along with fashion and decor sense is fun that’s also fulfilling. Now let’s see if 2020 is the year the adult and elderly demographic gets the same levels of love!

How are you enjoying your Sims game the most? Is everything you represent, available in game?  Let us know in the comments and as always happy building simmers!

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