SMITE – Mulan the Ascendant Warrior Trailer

In a couple of days, MOBA Smite will receive a new update 7.2 The Ascendant Warrior, adding new character Mulan to the existing roster of characters. The developers from Titan Forge Games have shared a special reveal video to introduce players to the newcomer.

In a world of ancient warriors and powerful gods, a human’s greatest strength is their legacy. When their skills become so honed and their achievements become so impressive, their story will be told in regions far from ones they ever visited, and will continue to be told long after they have retired from battle. They will have a permanent effect on humanity, and leave a positive impact on others for all time. 

Hua Mulan is exceptional in this way. So exceptional, that she will achieve something that has not happened in centuries. There are tales of old warriors of China, ones that so inspired their fellow humans that their legacy made them immortal. In many stories it is the gods that create humans, but in others, it is the humans who create gods.

  • Theme – Skill, Persistence, Training, Faith, and Humanity. Mulan is a symbol of the infinite potential of humanity. She is proof that with unbroken determination anything can be done.
  • Visuals – A heroic woman of the ancient Chinese army. She now proudly shows her identity, wearing heavy armor but nothing to cover her face. She represents the colors and symbols of her country.
  • Personality – Mulan is focused, driven, and humble. She is reluctant to taunt others and focuses on leading by example, not by intimidation.
  • Perspective – Mulan is a type of newcomer the gods of SMITE have never seen before. Many gods will disrespect her newfound power, and her love for humans. Other gods will see her as a powerful ally, as a god who has a new perspective on the divine, and an unshakable will.
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