Soul Kingdoms Begins MMO-lite Crowdfunding

Soul Kingdoms, a PvP focused MMO-lite from Power Proc Studios has kicked off a round of crowdfunding for this new adventure.

Soul Kingdoms, an upcoming title from Seattle based Proc Studios, is in the middle of a new crowdfunding campaign to get this inventive MMO off the ground. Like many recent massively online experiences, this new game is aiming to make up at least some of its development cost between now and 18 December. You’ll be able to peruse the pledge goals and contribute to the final total over on the official Soul Kingdoms website.

Soul Kingdoms looks likely to be a twist on the existing tropes of the MMO genre. Described as an MMO-lite in its marketing material, this multiplayer battle seems set on lowering the commitment required to get into the action.

“We really wanted a game that enabled us to engage in PvP without having to extensively grind other content we had less interest in.” said Chris Mhley, Founder of Power Proc Studios. “We also wanted a game where PvP was the primary focus and not a secondary system like it is in most MMOs. We just felt like we didn’t really have a place to call home, and those were some of the major factors that motivated us to create Soul Kingdoms.”

While plenty of other options still exist, like character creation, crafting, trade, exploration, and class systems this take focuses on casual PvP and ranked ladder matches. A 6v6 battleground is already in the works, just in case you are ready to go. To get an idea of what to expect, the team dropped a trailer that you can check out above.

It’s an interesting idea and one that draws inevitable comparisons to Crowfall. While we are plenty enthusiastic and Soul Kingdoms seems in a good state to enter Steam Early Access in 2022, never pledge more than you can afford to lose when it comes to crowdfunding. You can check out more over on the Soul Kingdoms website now.

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